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TMIO History

TMIO was borne from an exciting brainstorm in 1994. David Mansbery, having an active family of his own, grew tired of fast food dinners and set out to find a way to serve traditional, home-cooked meals at home once again.

Inventor David Mansbery and engineering pioneer Dr. Ken Landry, Ph.D soon combined talents and together began to develop a truly "smart" professional appliance. The new dream appliance was to be a professional kitchen dual oven with two key features:

The two colleagues wanted to be able to keep food fresh INSIDE the oven during the day, as well as having the convenience of being able to operate the oven from anywhere OUTSIDE the home, as well as in the home.

The Tonight's Menu Microwave Oven Prototype in 1994
For refrigeration, Oceaneering Space Systems (Houston, TX) is credited with giving the TMIO prototype microwave oven its Peltier micro-refrigeration unit. Today, TMIO uses a refrigeration compressor for the larger, range oven cavities. The issue of remote command and control was solved by using the same concept NASA uses on the Space Shuttle and Space Station. Not only is the oven controllable from a cellular phone or through the Internet, but users also receive immediate visual feedback through the same menu online as on the oven. Users can instantly SEE the oven respond to commands the moment users send those commands.

World's First Internet Oven in 1996
By 1996, the oven was built, but the world was not ready. People were just starting to use cell phones and surf the internet. So the oven literally sat in David's basement, while the rest of us caught up to speed and the idea of the "Networked Home" started to emerge.

Unveiled In 2002
The TMIO microwave was finally unveiled at the 2002 Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas, NV). The public responded with an overwhelming, "Where can I buy this!!" So TMIO set out on the road to manufacturing premium quality ovens and ranges.

The Appliance Revolution
What started out as an idea of a "smart, refrigerated oven" has grown into the development of a UNIQUE technology to Command and Control devices in real time with visual feedback. We have since expanded our TMIO technology application to biomedical instruments and remote diagnostics. TMIO's revolutionary technology connects you to your home from anywhere in the world.

Our Pledge To You
At TMIO, we have become also a technology company in order to become a company that produces the best-built and best-performing professional appliances in the world. As we grow, we pledge to continue our original goal of making all our lives easier.