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Microsoft Consumer Experience
TMIO® is a Microsoft "MCX" (Microsoft Consumer Experience)® partner. This means we are part of the overall plan Microsoft has for a living experience with their products. Our applications include Microsoft's .NET (pronounced, "dot net") platform for hand held devices, Windows Explorer for the web browser, and Microsoft Media Center for controlling "My Oven" anywhere inside your home. Your TMIO® Connect IoTM oven can also be controlled from additional flat panel control screens located anywhere around your house. TMIO® gives you all this, and yet all you need is a simple Internet connection, standard web browser, cell phone, or telephone land line to control your Connect IoTM oven remotely from anywhere within your home or anywhere in the world. No other brand delivers the power, quality, and luxury of the Connect IoTM.

TMIO has partnered with 3MTM to provide ClearTekTM 6.5-inch capacitive touch screens, a key ingredient in the TMIO® Connect IoTM recipe for success. This 3MTM touch screen is able to meet high temperature requirements, while TMIO's engineers have employed technology to keep the electronics cooler than most oven designs require. Another first, only Connect IoTM offers NASA, 3M & TMIO partnered technology for home appliances.

TMIO has partnered with NASA to bring advances in materials for insulation, heating, and cooling. Superior insulation in our products ensures minimum loss of heat and highest cooking efficiency through NASA advanced thermal ceramic space technology. Internet web browser, telephone land line, or cell phone control is also based on NASA's Remote Command and Embedded Web Technology. This is the same remote-access software platform that NASA uses to relay information on a real-time basis to and from the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. TMIO is the first and only to offer such advanced space technology in order to provide unprecedented dynamic appliance control features.

Space Foundation
The Space Certification Program is a major effort by the Space Foundation to identify companies that have products or services that are derived from space technologies, or, through their existence, advance the public interest and knowledge about Space. Founded in 1983, the Foundation has become one of the world's premier non-profit organizations supporting space activities, space professionals, education and the business that has emerged from space industries. TMIO works diligently with the Space Certification Program to pass its high standards. For more information please visit