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TMIO® Intelligent Ovens® define the High-Tech Living in the NextGen05 Demonstration Home Kitchen

Los Angeles, CA -- December 10, 2004. TMIO®, LLC announces their new Intelligent OvenTM will be the highlight of the NextGen05 Demonstration Home kitchen. TMIO® has revolutionized the cooking industry with their high-end, high-tech 30" Professional Series Stainless Steel double wall oven lets you call on your cell phone to get dinner started.

As part of the NextGen05 Demonstration Home's "one of a kind" interactive project at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas, NV), TMIO® will be paring their incredible cooking appliance with Microsoft Media Center's whole home digital experience to demonstrate home technology that makes life easier.

COOL - CONNECT - COOK. The TMIO® Intelligent OvenTM features a Professional cooking system, built-in refrigeration and TMIO® control technology. Food placed into the oven stays refrigerated until a pre-programmed cook time, or you can directly start the cooking over the internet.

"The NextGen05 Demonstration Home is a perfect venue for TMIO® to demonstrate not only how this dream appliance can be controlled from either a cell phone (when on-the-go) or at a laptop (when at the office)," said David Mansbery, TMIO® President & CEO, "but also how integration of the TMIO® Intelligent OvenTM with Microsoft's Media Center system results in the ultimate in effortless performance of daily tasks throughout the home."

Imagine being able to check how much longer until dinner without missing a second of the football game, or start a batch of chocolate chip cookies baking right before the kids get home from school while you're upstairs doing laundry. The paring of TMIO's ability to send the real-time status of any oven function across any digital platform with Microsoft's Media Center creates a powerful combination that shows how technology can make our lives smarter and easier."

TMIO® is proud to announce receipt of two 2005 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Awards: Home Appliances and Eco-Design. TMIO® Intelligent Ovens® feature an industry-first, dynamic touch screen control panel for intuitive operation and a high level of comfort in command and control of the appliance from both inside and outside the home. And their advances in structural design have resulted in safer as well as more energy-efficient cooking and self clean cycles.

Built-in wireless and powerline communication controls seamlessly connect the TMIO® oven in your home to the outside world, making this a modern-age appliance that will be difficult to live without.

TMIO®, LLC is a privately-held, US-based technology company and creator of Internet controlled devices. TMIO® technology enables operation of a device from a remote location over the Internet with real-time feedback. While currently focused on the Internet-connected kitchen, TMIO's innovations can be applied to any electronic device.

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