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Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM For a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Life

Chattanooga, TN, June 14, 2006. TMIO, LLC, recently began shipping the refrigerated, Internet and phone controlled Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM Professional Series to dealers across the USA. Connect Io is the first electric oven to feature both built-in refrigeration to keep foods fresh--before or after cooking--plus the ability to control or change any cooking function remotely.

Beyond the modern space age convenience of remote cooking, the company vows to maintain Connect Io as the most environmentally friendly cooking appliance available. "Our target market are builders interested in new products for designed homes, plus the Smart Home and Green Builders who want to offer a healthier home environment for customers", says CEO David Mansbery.

Connect Io is the only electric wall oven to remove all dangerous formaldehyde insulation from the ovens that all other brand ovens use in the United States. The noxious odor during self clean cycle in other manufacturers' ovens is the out gassing of formaldehyde (same substance as embalming fluid) from the insulation binders. "Use & Care" manuals from other brand ovens print explicit warnings regarding their self-clean cycles, such as one that states "Remove house birds prior to self-cleaning or they may die".

Mansbery continues, "How about my 83 year old Mother with asthma? We don't feel this toxic substance belongs in our ovens with gases released at self cleaning temperatures approaching 900 degrees Fahrenheit." Instead, Connect Io uses its own patented "Green Clean" self cleaning cycle with thermal ceramic insulation used by the NASA space agency. Another benefit of this kind of superior insulation is a shorter self cleaning cycle. The cleaning elements are ony turned on for less than two hours. Thus, Connect Io consumes half the energy and cleans in half the time over most ovens. Keeping the heat in the oven with our insulation technique gives Connect Io better cleaning results, consumes less power, and provided a 100% safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly product.

Refrigeration-on-demand is also energy efficient because the oven's refrigeration system turns on only as needed, as opposed to a refrigerator running in 24/7, 365 days a year. Thus the Connect Io Intelligent Oven consumes much less energy in terms of the refrigeration component also.

The Connect Io touch screen based user interface is based entirely on 'space age' style, intuitive menus that require no training. Connect Io is the easiest to use oven, and the esteemed Culinary Directors of San Francisco insist that Connect Io is the finest cooking oven on the market.

David Mansbery urges, "If you find a better oven, buy it."

TMIO®, LLC is a privately-held, US-based home appliance & technology company, and creates convenient products for the home that consumers can remotely control over the Internet in real time. TMIO's breakthrough advances make life easier for modern households through the new Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM.

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