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Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM Moves Into Luxury Homes, Dealer Direct, The Internet

Chattanooga, TN, June 14, 2006. Today, TMIO announces its move to "Dealer Direct" sales for its Connect Io Intelligent Oven, effective immediately. Connect Io is the first electric oven to feature both built-in refrigeration to keep foods fresh--before or after cooking--plus the ability to control any cooking function remotely. "By going direct to the Dealer, we are able to pass along tremendous savings to the end consumer, in some areas by as much as $2500 in savings," according to TMIO CEO David Mansbery. The new Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for Connect Io is $7495. Exact pricing will vary between different TMIO Connect Io dealerships.

Internet Sales

TMIO also announces its move to U.S. Internet sales effective July 28, 2006 on, with exception of a handful of US states (AL, CA, FL, GA, NC, SC, TN), where TMIO dealers already offer direct-to-consumer sales over the Internet.

Model & Luxury Homes

The Connect Io Intelligent Oven is now featured in a growing number of luxury homes, including Laing Luxury Homes, the 34th largest homebuilder in the United States. Connect Io is now on display in Laing's "Icon" luxury condominiums at Playa Vista, CA--and in Laing's "Sea Crest" luxury homes overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean at Newport Beach, CA.

TMIO®, LLC is a privately-held, US-based home appliance & technology company, and creates convenient products for the home that consumers can remotely control over the Internet in real time. TMIO's breakthrough advances make life easier for modern households through the new Connect IoTM Intelligent OvenTM.

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