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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

For your convenience, we have put together answers to a few popular answers.

Most of your questions may be answered by reading the "Connect Io Use & Care Manual", as well as the "Connect Io Installation Manual" for your model oven. Both of these manuals contain comprehensive instructions covering every aspect of the use and operation of the Connect Io Intelligent Oven. Both of these manuals are included with your purchase. Both of these manuals' most recent versions also may be downloaded in Adobe PDF format, through the links provided at the bottom of this page, under Downloads.


  1. What if my oven does not turn off automatically?

    The short answer is that the Connect IO has numerous safety features that ensure this will NEVER happen—100% of the time. The Connect IO goes through the same rigorous testing that all other UL / CSA Certified ovens do. This ensures that if one or more components in the oven fail they do so in a safe manner. Specifically regarding this question, there is a 12 hour cut-off that ensures the elements are on for no longer than 12 hours (worst case scenario), and there are temperature cut-offs that turn the oven off if the temperature exceeds a safe level.

  2. What if the power goes out during cooking or refrigeration?

    The majority of power outages are usually short in duration, and the Connect IO recovers from these with no interruption of the cooking process (power outage of 3 minutes or less). During extended power outages there are several things that the Connect IO checks before continuing with the Cook Later programmed cooking instruction. The power outage has to occur during the Refrigeration stage, the oven temperature must not rise above a safe food level (45F), and the power has to come back on with enough time remaining to allow the food to be fully cooked by the programmed Meal Time. If all of these conditions are not met then the Connect IO falls into a fail-safe Refrigerate only mode and will not cook the food. The consumer will be notified of the power outage, duration, and oven temperature when power was restored so they can make the proper determination on how to continue.


  1. How do I use the remote control features via Phone?

    You can call the TMIO Voice Control Center on any phone or cell phone and hear the cook status of your oven as well as control many of the operations that you can perform at home. You can check on the status of your oven, start cooking a meal, create or change a cooking program, stop cooking, or place your oven in refrigeration mode.

    You can interact with the TMIO Voice Control Center either using Touch Tones¨ or simply by speaking your commands or input. Speaking your commands is the way to control your oven from the phone, however, there are times when background noise or the use of speaker phones may make it necessary to use the touch tone controls.

    Here are some tips for some of the prompts when using speech input:

    • Whenever you hear a prompt that asks you to enter a number, you may say that number
    • For the Cook Method, you may say the allowable methods such as: "Bake", "Convection Bake", "Roast", or "Convection Roast"
    • For the Oven Temperature, you may speak the digits, or say a number, such as: "three two five" or "three hundred twenty five"
    • For the Cook Time, just say the number of hours and/or minutes such as: "one hour thirty minutes", "two hours", or "forty five minutes"
    • For saying when you want the meal to be ready (Meal Time), the more you say, the less you will be prompted for additional information. Some examples are: "six thirty PM tonight", "seven PM tomorrow", "six PM Wednesday", or "seven thirty PM November seventh" To access the TMIO Voice Control Center Dial 1-919-882-2330.
    • If the phone number you are calling from is the phone number you entered in the My Oven / Remote Access section on your oven, our system will recognize you from the Caller ID and you will only be prompted to enter your PIN number.
    • If you are calling from a different phone number, you will be prompted to enter in the 10 digit phone number and 4 digit PIN number you setup on your oven under the My Oven / Remote Access section.
    • Three (3) unsuccessful log in attempts will lock out remote access to your oven until you go to the My Oven / Remote Access screen and press the Unlock Account button.
    • Once you log into our Voice Control Center, the current status of the top and bottom oven will be reported.
    • You will then be prompted with additional options according to the status of your oven. You operate one particular oven at a time, and can switch to the other oven when prompted.
    • When finished, simply hang up.


  1. Since using the phone or computer over Sabbath (Shabbat) and Holidays (Yom Tov) is not Kosher, how will the remote function help me (the traditional Jew)?

    The answer is that...

    • For six days out of the non-holiday week, it is Kosher to use a phone or Internet browser to cook remotely; so for example, you can use your Internet browser at work to start cooking so that dinner is ready when you arrive home. Check out the details of Connect Io's Remote Control features.
    • Connect Io offers many convenient (and unrivaled) Shabbat and Yom Tov uses that, that do not require remote control. Check out the details of our fantastic Star-K Certified Kosher Cooking features.

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